Calgon…Take Me Away!

I don’t know about you but life has been crazy busy lately. I can’t keep up. Crazy thing is that’s exactly what the enemy wants. He wants me to be so consumed with everyday life that I don’t stop to spend time with Jesus, and I have to be honest, sometimes it works. I don’t claim to be this perfect Christian and if I have ever come off that way, I apologize. Some days all I can seem to muster is a “Hello, God. What do you have in mind today?” I do try to take time to cherish the small things, such as my kids’ sweet touches, the birds chirping, noticing the favor that I have because of Him. I’m so very thankful for what He does; I just wish I was better with my time. Got to have goals, right?

Still continuing the no gluten diet as best as I can. I do notice a difference with my stomach. If I eat gluten a few times, my stomach will hate me, so it’s not worth it. My aches and pains have been better, too. David likes to joke with me that I should put my supplements in a bowl with milk and eat it for breakfast, because of the amount that I take. I do take a lot and it does cost more money than prescriptions but to me it’s worth it. I feel that I’m finally at a healthy point.

Something that God revealed to me the other day was pretty cool. Someone shared with me that often times when we have a certain gift from God that the enemy will attack that area. For example, I have been told several times that I have the gift of healing. I know what you may be thinking, how the heck do you have that if you are always sick. But that is the point! The enemy has attacked that area of my life hoping to discourage me from praying for others to be healed, to be discouraged that I won’t receive my healing. This was a huge revelation for me because I definitely felt that way many times. I have thought to myself, “why should I pray for them if I can’t even get healed?” Now, I continue to fight; even through the sickness. Do I still get discouraged? At times, yes. Will I remain defeated? Heck no! If anything, I get angry with the enemy and use the authority that God has given me. I also have faith that He will heal! I have also learned (in my heart, not just my head) that even if I don’t get healed, HE IS STILL GOOD! His heart is to heal me and others. Why we don’t always get healed is beyond my understanding but I do know that He can use that for His purposes, which are always good. I have gained more understanding and compassion for others who suffer.

So let me head back to my hectic schedule. Can’t wait for the beach next week!


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