Days 4-5 – Flying Away

This Sunday brings stormy weather. Stormy weather = movies and snack food. Am I staying strong? I’d like to say yes, but I’ve eaten some of my favorite Easter candy. Cadbury Mini Robin Eggs…delish. I have not eaten gluten, though, ¬†and I will stay strong there.

Had an amazing and productive Saturday though. Wish that the weather would have been great today too, because my lil’ man was supposed to start t-ball today. Thanks bipolar Louisiana weather…thanks! My Saturday consisted of running some errands with the hubs and shopping for my dude’s t-ball equipment, a little bit of wedding planning for my sis-in-law and it ended in an awesome night of family baseball with Whittlebit and his little. Never a dull, boring night with him.

David BBQed some amazing burgers last night along with jalapeno poppers and asparagus wrapped in bacon. I ate my burger with romaine lettuce, cheese, grilled onions and tomatoes. Are you salivating? You should be. I again stayed strong and didn’t eat gluten. When I set my mind to something, I accomplish it. If you try to tell me I can’t, I’ll work even harder to prove you wrong. (Probably the only area where my rebellious side is a good thing.)

floodOn our way to church today and we got rejected at every angle. University was flooded and so was Evangeline Thruway. We turned around and headed home. I saw a lady on the side of the frontage road walking with groceries. We pulled around on the next exit to give her a lift, but she was gone. If we couldn’t make it to church, we were going to be the church. Thankfully, God sees all that we do and knows our heart. Keep that in mind the next time you are teetering on the line of sin and following Him. If your pastor or person of influence was with you at all times. how would you act? Would your “uncontrollable” outbursts be more controllable? Would your actions and words sound and look different? Hmmmm….something to chew on and digest today on this rainy and very windy Sunday!


Days 3-4…I stayed strong.

I said no to pizza tonight. Yes, you heard pizzathat right. I said, No! Homegroup at my house tonight and some friends brought pizza. I stayed strong and ate corn chips with salsa, yogurt and cheese. Weird combo, I know, but I said no to pizza! I’m celebrating! Celebrate with me!

For lunch today I had an amazing grilled market salad from Chick-fil-a. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must! Apples, strawberries, nuts and granola over a bed of greens and topped with sliced tender chicken. Aahhmmazing!

So I now that I’ve tooted my own horn, I thought I would share with you something I loved hearing today. A friend of mine’s 6 year old son gave all of his $9 that he earned to a girl with leukemia. Guys…that’s how God wants us to be. Come like little children, He said. With that little boy giving all that he had, he didn’t have a care in the world of how he would get fed or have a roof over his head. He relied on his parents to do that. Are we relying on God like that? Are we giving our all to those in need, being Jesus’ hands and feet, and are we trusting that God will meet our needs? How many times do we hold back because we want that certainty in our lives?

I’m not saying that we need to be foolish with our money and with what God has given us, but we need to be ready to trust Him if he places those things on our hearts. If He tells you to give someone $200, then do it. If He tells you to stop and pray for someone, do it! If He tells you to give up your night of fun for a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on, do it! Trust Him to provide what you need, because the truth is, if He told you to do it, then He will provide a way.

I just found that little boy’s generosity to be such an amazing analogy of how God wants us to be. So the question to ask ourselves, am I trusting Him enough to give my all? Am I willing to even ask what He wants me to do or are we only asking Him for what He can do for us?