Breakfast of Champions

Day 2 of beginning again and doing good. Yesterday was completely GF with a tiny bite of sugar. Literally. Which is good for me so I will take that success story and run with it. Yesterday’s menu consisted of oatmeal for breakfast, egg salad with bean chips and a Babybel cheese for lunch, and dinner was spaghetti made with GF noodles.

Today I made GF pancakes. Bisquick makes a GF mix. I have tried several recipes to make them from scratch without regular flour and they just taste nasty! If you have one that is good, please share. Until then, Bisquick it is. I had a banana this afternoon and that was it. My stomach is funky today so I’m not pushing it.

vitaminsWith my pancakes and honey this morning, I had a side of vitamins (hence the title, “Breakfast of Champions”.) My kids pick on me that I’m a horse because I’m taking horse pills. If you are curious what these are just let me know and I’ll give more details later. All my doctor said was that it’s for anti-inflammation.

I’ve stayed with a headache for the past few days because I really need to go to physical therapy. Well, last night David massaged the heck out of my face, head and neck. It was much better today, but I can feel it coming back. For those that don’t know, they found arthritis in my left jaw so there is nothing else I can do but treat the symptoms. Which a glass of wine, muscle relaxer and physical therapy seems to be the best treatment for me. Should I just start my day drinking wine? Hehehehehehehe…Fat-Amy


So Many Special Occasions

From one birthday party to the next, followed by a wedding shower or four, my diet has consisted of very unhealthy finger foods, and I might add that my will power has decreased as my waistline has increased. Discouragement and frustration is at its highest peak right now. Pain levels are increasing again as my diet gets worse and worse. Energy levels are beginning to tank. Time to regroup and start over. Things have to change and the change can only begin with me.

I’ve started this healthy eating journey one year ago and it went pretty smoothly until I got sick during the summer then the holidays rolled around. While eating Gluten-free (GF) and Sugar-free (SF) was on my to-do list, finances didn’t always agree. Let’s be honest….eating healthy is “spansive.” It came down to getting Christmas gifts vs. eating healthy. Christmas won! The motivation that I had when I first started this journey seems to be just out of my reach.

With that in mind, I’m blogging again and seeking encouragement and accountability. All of my friends around me are losing weight and eating healthy while I’m gaining their weight and chomping on Easter candy. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? Well, I’m determined to change…again.

I do have to say that since I was put on a ton of supplements to help fight the inflammation in my body and all of the aches and pains from fibromyalgia, I have felt better and have had more energy. Now coupling that with healthy eating, I have high hopes. I may have gained some of the weight back that I originally lost, but if I lost it once, I will lose it again. And honestly, the weight thing does disappoint me but I just really want to feel better. imgres

So if you’ve made a great batch of cookies, a delicious cake, or a pound of bread, stay away from me or I will cut you! Don’t tempt me! Get behind me Satan!!!