He is Good!

When we have conferences at church, a level of expectation of God’s presence is raised. Walking away from the conference this weekend, I’m blown away! I love how I can hear something that I’ve heard before, but God reveals more of the depth behind it than before. I can only be encouraged in knowing that because He has revealed more to me is because He wants to take me to a more intimate level with Him. Oh, how my heart yearns for that! I love to sit in His presence. I fail more often that I would like in spending that quiet time with Him, but I have a new fire that has been set deep in my heart that I wish to keep ablaze.

I’ve always heard that God comes first. I’ve always heard to not give the devil more attention than is needed. Here are a few things that I picked up from John Thomas this weekend at Vineyard:

  1. We were created to please Him. He doesn’t need us, He wants us. Just as we take pleasure in our children, He takes pleasure in us. We are to spend our time giving all glory and praise to Him. Worship Him. Give your full attention to Him. Then, out of the overflow of that, we receive our strength, joy, peace, etc. I heard a song today that had new meaning for me. It spoke of how the joy of the Lord is our strength. My interpretation of that before was if we made our joy of the Lord, then we would have His strength. Now I perceive it as when we bring joy to the Lord, then the overflow of that would be our strength. How amazing! I hope I am getting my thoughts out clearly. My fingers can’t seem to keep up!
  2. The devil wants attention; the best thing for us to do is to ignore him. I’ve always entered prayer with others or for myself by coming against what the enemy was doing. Which isn’t wrong, but I probably spent way too much time focused on that then speaking life and truth over the person and for thanking God for what He was doing. We have authority through Jesus and we need to use it BOLDLY and CONFIDENTLY. I plan on doing this from now on. John also stated that we tend to blame the enemy for things gone wrong when it’s just a consequence of our disobedience to God. OUCH!

I’ve learned much more and may share later as more comes to my memory. I do hope for those reading this that it makes sense. I pray that God reveals to you exactly what you need to hear to gain your confidence and strength. In this past year, through all of the trials, I am reminded that God is still good despite all of that. Here is what I felt led to write down during worship. Enjoy and remember…HE IS GOOD!


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