A Whirlwind of Events

Unlike my last blog, so much has changed since the last time I was able to get on here. Since my last post, I have had my mastoid bone removed, packed up and moved to a new place, put our old home up for sale which required a lot of touch-ups, started school and finally went back to work! Needless to say…life has been hectic!

I am blessed though. The story behind how we moved was truly God. We were looking for property but not wholeheartedly. One day I was praying to God about moving and while I was praying, my realtor friend texted me to say that there was 5 acres in Carencro for sale with a trailer on it and that it wasn’t on the market yet. I was the first to know. We went look at it on the Friday, offer was made on the Monday, Wednesday we were moved in. And just like that…I’m back in Carencro on family property! Truly blessed! Now I have to just sell the other place and I’ll be good to go. We will get a modular home eventually but for now we will just play catch up with the medical bills. Oh and one thing I’ve realized from going to a 2200 square foot home to a 1200 square foot trailer is…the bigger the home, the more junk you accumulate. I don’t want much bigger than this. I can take care of this and still find time to blog! Whaaaatttt…..yes!

cup-of-coffeeAs far as how I’ve been feeling, I have been feeling great! Who would have thought that removing a bone would make me go from death to life! My pastor encouraged the whole church to do a 21 day Daniel fast. Which includes no meat, dairy or sugars. Only veggies and fruit and whole grains. And drink only water. No coffee? What?! No sugar?
Ok…I can do this! So we started that and had the normal headaches from withdrawals, but eventually I started feeling better. Had more energy. Now, I also started a new thyroid med at the same time, so I’m not sure if it was just diet or meds or a combination of both. Either way, I felt good. Now the fast is over but we plan to still eat very similar, but adding coffee and occasional meat. We will have our treats on the weekends. I’ll let you know as I add stuff back if it was just the diet or the meds. Stay tuned! And thanks for all of the prayers!

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