Under the Knife…Again

Not much has changed since my last post. I’m still in pain and suffering from extreme dizziness. I know own CVS. I need to invest in one of those old people pill boxes to keep track. (I wish I could say I was joking, but I’m almost at that point.) After just under 2 months of dealing with this, it will hopefully come to somewhat of an end tomorrow. We found a doctor in Lafayette that is going to do my surgery tomorrow. As of right now, he is going to do a mastoidectomy, which is removing the infected bones. There could be a cyst/tumor there, but he won’t know until he gets in there. The next couple of weeks should be interesting. I’m not sure what to expect, as far as the pain goes, but I can be sure that there will be pain.

laneyI have had to rely on friends and family so much lately. I love that I have their support, but I hate having to burden people with that stuff, even though they say it’s not a bother. My life has basically come to a complete halt. Laney’s birthday was Friday and we are having to postpone her party. I had things planned with friends that had to be pushed back. Haven’t been to church or work in a while! I miss people.

This too shall pass. One day when I throwing an amazing pity party (no one was invited, so don’t get offended) I realized that my feeling of loneliness and need for companionship needed to be taken to God. He needs to be the one to fill that gap. Yes, God created us to be there for each other, but my “need” was for my friends to do what only God could do. If I would have relied on my friends, then it would have been an unhealthy situation on my part. Once I checked my heart and took it to the Lord, things started to seem easier to deal with. It’s not that the problems went away, the depression lifted and and I felt His peace. When my friends did come over, I was able to just enjoy their company rather than snot all over their shoulders with my self-pity. I’m so grateful that we have a Father that is willing to carry the load for us when it gets too heavy.

Now, as far as the GF diet….that’s been non-existent. Can’t be picky when you can fix your own food. Once I’m better, I plan on getting back on track. I have the typical “wheat belly”. So bloated and look pregnant. I just feel gross eating the way I am. Weird too, because I no longer crave salads. All I want is junk. Sugar is a drug and I hate to admit, but I’m addicted. But I will conquer this addiction! Just you wait and see………

FYI: I’m on pain meds and don’t feel like proofreading this, so if you see typos, get over it!

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