Medical Malpractice?

You may have wondered why I seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth. Well, basically…I’ve been sick. Memorial Day began with a terrible migraine, vomiting and extreme dizziness. Little did I know, that migraine would last quite a while. I take my meds like a good little girl. I went to the chiropractor and physical therapy. I even got a massage. Very little relief was given. I went to Lourdes ER on the Saturday after Memorial Day for a CT scan. I was sent home because they said that the scan was normal. It seemed to be a tension headache. I was sent home with some different medications that did not work.

I begin the next week the same was as I did the previous, in pain and still dizzy! My GP was out on vacation that week, so I really had no other options but to wait until the following week. After another week of the same symptoms, I finally was able to go see my GP on the Tuesday. This is two weeks after symptoms began.

As I’m discussing things with her, I asked her about the CT scan. When she pulls it up, I noticed at the bottom that it stated, “right mastoid sinusitis.” Now I’m no doctor, but I can tell you that isn’t a “normal” CT scan. My daughter had mastoiditis when she was one so I was familiar with this term and new it wasn’t good. (Mastoiditis is a bacterial infection in the bones behind the ear.) FYI: I did not have ear pain.132667

My doctor was floored that they didn’t catch that, as was I! I went two weeks with something that could have been taken care of by antibiotics, but instead, I was being admitting into the hospital, LGMC. Once there, I was to remain in ER until a room became available. I was supposed to be receiving my antibiotic drip during my wait.

I got to the ER around 3pm. My doctor came to check on my just after 5pm. I had no blanket, no pillow and no water, which I had been asking for these for the past two hours! My dr went to get those things for me, had me lie down and covered me up. She then went to make sure that my medicine was ordered and soon to be given. I did not receive my medicine until 8:30pm. That’s 5 1/2 hours in the ER with nothing to show for it. No rooms ended up being available until the next day.

Once I was in my own room, things got better. I remained on antibiotics and pain meds, until I was able to consult my ENT. When she came, we decided to remove and replace my current tube in my ear. I waited all day Thursday for surgery, but kept getting pushed back. The pain meds were not helping but for only an hour, so I spent most of the day with a black shirt over my head to block the sun and an ice pack. Mind you, I could not eat or drink. By 5:00, we realized that I wasn’t going to have surgery, so I demanded food! I was about to walk out in my gown with the back open and my slippers just to get food, if I had to.

Friday was the day. Surgery went as planned. Dr told David that there was so much fluid that she had to suck some out before she could even get to the tube, then suck more out once the tube was removed. I was able to go home after that. I spent the weekend as I did the past few weeks, resting with pain meds. I go for a checkup on Wednesday. There is a possibility that I may have to go see another specialist in BR to see about cutting behind my ear to clean the bone or remove it completely. I wish I could say that I’m feeling better, but I’m not.

So that’s my story in a nutshell. Thank God for friends and family who have pitched in to help and have been praying for me. As far as my diet goes, maybe one day I’ll start it up again. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Medical Malpractice?

  1. I love you Amy.. I hate that you’re going through this, sometimes I don’t know what to pray so I just ask God to give my best friend relief and rest.
    You are a strong woman and you handle all that you go through much better than you may think.
    I know God will heal you soon, I know he will.


      1. So sorry you are going through all this girl. I recently had a scan done and they told me I had chronic mastoiditis because apparently I’ve had it for a while. I just have this crazy dizziness. They told there is a surgery that can be done but it’s difficult. I’m guessing it’s what you will have done. I hope it goes well for u and that all your symptoms go away!& then I’ll go get the surgery too lol!!


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