4 months!

Yesterday made 4 months of my new eating lifestyle. I’m down 17-19 pounds (keeps fluctuating lately). The pain still comes and goes, but I’m not sure if I’m following the diet enough. I don’t cheat often, but I wonder if when I do if it pushes me back a bit. A friend told me that it takes a few weeks for the gluten to get out of her body. If that’s the case, then just when I’m getting it out, I’m probably cheating. I need to do a better job of staying on track. I’m not cheating often, but it’s probably enough to keep me in pain. 

Speaking of pain, this week has been a doozy. IMG_0738I have been having a crazy migraine since Monday. I’ve been dizzy, sensitive to light and sound, and nauseous. Nothing is helping except pain meds. I went to the chiropractor and physical therapist yesterday. Praying that I get some relief. I love to get the dry needling done. (By the way, I totally suggest them to you if you need relief. Barczyk Chiropractic and Kevin Sellers Physical Therapy.) I’m really sore from them this morning, and still have a headache, but my doctor wants me to take a pain med this morning and try to sleep it off. My mother-in-law just came to pick up my kids so I can do just that. Thank goodness for her!

Last night, we took our girls to the Kari Jobe concert at Our Savior’s Church. Not a great place to be with a migraine. I brought ear plugs which helped with the loudness of it all. The lights were a killer though. I had to sit most of the way through it because it was making me nauseated. I’m still glad I went though. I was happy to enjoy their first concert with them. 

IMG_0730I haven’t been taking pictures of all of my food because it’s been pretty redundant lately. I’m only taking pics of new or fun things I’m eating so I can share with you. I haven’t been doing much cooking lately. I’m in a rut with that, but it’s time to get out of it! Pictured is a peanut butter and honey with raspberries on a corn tortilla. This was my lunch. Told you I was in a rut.


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