It hurts so good!

Strange title, I know. What am I referring to? Working out and the inevitable soreness that comes along with it. Lucy and I worked out yesterday for the first time in a long time. Hoping this is just the beginning of a great, healthy habit for us. Now that I’ve lost weight, I want to tone up the flab, but boy am I hurting today! No pain, no gain, right? 

You’ve got to love YouTube! Free workout videos! We did pilates together and then I did a dance workout. I looked and felt like a big goober, but I didn’t care. Now if someone else was watching me, that would be a different story. Although, let’s be honest, I probably still wouldn’t care. If I’m moving like Elaine from Seinfeld, oh well, at least I’m moving! This coming Friday is our weigh in for the Transformation Challenge that we began 8 weeks ago at work. I’m interested to see if I lost any inches. If not, oh well…I’m having fun either way!elaine

Yesterday was my hubs’ birthday. My awesome mom cooked dinner for him Sunday night. From her last experience of cooking for Mother’s Day and I couldn’t hardly eat anything, she was prepared and made her own roux and made an amazing GF meatball stew with lima beans! She also made a GF banana pie cake. It was so good. One thing we noticed, GF cake mix is very dense. It’s like sticking your fork through a brick. But when you can’t have cake anymore, this taste great to me! I love that there are so many options for GF now. Still trying to stay away from boxed foods because they are considered Frankenfood, but sometimes you just gotta!

Last week was hectic with dance rehearsals and the recital. One night, we didn’t make it home until 10:30. I picked us up some Burger King. I had a whopper jr and some fries. Man oh man, did I pay for that later. My stomach was fairly flat before the burger, but the next few days, it was like I could have been 3 months pregnant! I was so bloated and uncomfortable. This is why I must not cheat often. That night was an exception because it was so late and we were exhausted. I am finally getting back to normal. Going GF has helped me. If you are interested in beginning this, just contact me and I’ll help the best way I can.


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