Sparkles, Glitter and Tap Shoes

Today begins the beginning of dance week for us! Recital is this coming Saturday and like the title states, there will be lots of sparkles, glitter and tap shoes! The recital marks the end of a year of hard work and dedication, but also means that this will be a long week! Rehearsals are long but necessary. If you see me sneeze this week and glitter shoots out, don’t pay any mind to it. What will be impressive is if I fart glitter! 

Posting my daily meals hasn’t been much of a priority lately, plus I’m not sure that people are that interested in that. I am doing good with the diet still. I am down 19 pounds and am still losing. I would like to say that I’m feeling much better, but there are so many other factors that could be contributing to the pain that I’m not sure if diet alone will help. But I do know that this diet is what is best for my IBD, Hashimoto’s and fibromyalgia so I will stick with it. 

I have been experiencing pain in my belly where my ulcers are located. I am still pretty exhausted, but I am hopeful. I know that my God can take away all of this in an instant. It is not my place to ask God why He hasn’t healed me yet. While we are on this side of heaven, things won’t be perfect. Like my pastor said yesterday, we are in a spiritual war and in a war there are going to be casualties. I can’t expect to be the exception just because I live for the Lord. In fact, because I am trying to do as He says, Satan will counterattack because he does not like that I am doing things for God’s kingdom. Well, Satan…not today!x76s4

Here are just a few items that I have taken pictures of to post here. Chicken salad stuffed bell peppers, black eyed peas and sausage with brown rice, and oatmeal. Crawfish was on the menu for our date night and it was good! Went watch Mother’s Day and I would definitely recommend it! So good! 

Keep pressing on my friends…Satan is powerful but not more powerful than God. Are you ready for the battle ahead?

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