Withering Away…

When you start the diet that I have, your options of quick food are very limited. Not doing a great job of preparing my food, so I’ve just been snacking. Not eating much which is catching up to me. I just don’t have much of an appetite. David says I’m withering away. I’ve lost another 3 pounds! I’m down 19 pounds! Which is super cool, but I also don’t want to lose too much weight. But I am still eating healthy. Not much looks tempting to me. 

Other than having the new pants that I’ve recently purchased float on me, I’m happy with the progress. Time for new clothes. Good thing I love to shop! Bad for David. He’s just happy that I’m getting healthy and doing my part. 

IMG_0595An aching body is still a part of my life. Being exhausted is as well. I have moments, which I guess is better than none, that I have more energy and don’t think about the pain. Lately, my jaw and shoulders have been hurting. Time to make an appointment with the PT to get needled. 

My menu today was: banana for breakfast, almonds and a chocolate bar for lunch, and lettuce wrapped chicken salad for dinner. Of course this was chased with a glass of wine. I was picking on David earlier. I love cats, but we have agreed to not have any for a while since we are having so many people in and out of our home that are allergic. When I went to a friend’s house today that had 5 kittens, I sent him several pictures asking if he would like this one, or that one…what about this one? Lennox has already picked his favorite.Needless to say, he said no. I got a laugh out of it! Enjoy the pics!


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