Momma’s Day

You’ve got to love how moms show their love to their kids. My poor momma…yes I’m sure she is reading this…tried so hard yesterday to make a GF meal. They grilled some chicken and my amazing daughter made me a salad. My mom also made cheesy potatoes and rice dressing, but didn’t realize that the ingredients used to make those had gluten. She was upset. More than I was! LOL I enjoyed my grilled chicken and salad! She did make me a fabulous GF apple cake. She’s awesome like that!

michael-mcdonaldI spent a good part of my weekend just hanging with my kids, ministering to a friend in need and hanging with family. Pretty relaxed. The only bummer part is that my stomach has been cutting up lately. When I eat, not long after my stomach starts flaring up. Not sure what’s going on there. May need to go back to elimination diet for a bit, but in the voice of Stuart on MadTV “I don’t wanna!” 

Oh Oh…I have to share this new recipe with you…Fruit Quesadillas!! So yummy and easy! Lucy loved it too! All it is basically is a corn tortilla with cream cheese and your choice of fruit. You fold it and pan fry it in butter for a little bit to warm it up and make the tortilla crispy and Voila! You’ve got breakfast!IMG_0576


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