Stopping for the One

I’ve decided to no longer count my days of this diet. I am past my 3 month mark, so the months will do just fine. I am very thankful to have started this new lifestyle. I can see myself continuing on this. It really wasn’t as hard as it seemed. Maybe it was at first, not sure, maybe I need to go back and read my first few weeks! LOL! Do I miss my bread? Sure, but I love the fact that I’m not putting junk in my body to make me feel worse. I still have some sweets, but have cut that back a whole lot! I’m proud of myself. 

IMG_0548My stomach was a bit off today and yesterday. Not sure what that is about, but I haven’t been eating a whole lot, which is why I haven’t been blogging. My meals have been small like yogurt or a banana for breakfast, an avocado for lunch, and a little bit of rice and gravy for dinner. Maybe a bowl of GF cheerios here and there, but that’s about it. Snacks have been GF pretzels, fruit and for my sweets, a rice krispy treat. Yes, I know it’s still “frankenfood” but it’s better than what I was doing. At least I’m making progress. IMG_0566

Tonight while shopping for food so I could stop hearing my kids say that we have “nothing to eat,” I saw a lady with her hand in a cast. Immediately I knew that I was to pray for her. David and the kids were walking away to go checkout… (why do all of these encounters happen at the grocery stores during checkout?)…and I slipped away to go pray for her. As I was approaching her, they started moving along. I followed for a bit trying to catch up, but they didn’t stop again and I wasn’t about to start running and looking like a maniac and scaring them like crazy, so I walked away and prayed to myself that she would be healed. As we were checking out, I look behind me and see that she is at the register right in back of me! I could hear God saying, “Look, now you don’t have to run.” Haha you’re so funny, God! So I did it and she was thankful. I just love how God saw my willingness to pray and gave me that second opportunity. He is so good! Always stop for the one!


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