3 months and counting…

Yesterday marked my third month of this GF diet. I am down two more pounds, that’s 16 total! Again, weight loss is not why I started this, but I’m not complaining! I would like to thank all of you who have continued reading my blogs and/or have sent encouraging words along the way. It’s been tough, but it’s been worth it. Have I been perfect through this? Um…heck no! This is me we are talking about. I may strive for perfection, but I fall short quite often.

Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a couple of weeks ago and increasing my thyroid meds, I feel like there may be a bit of difference in the aches. I say that lightly, because that’s like praying for patience. You all know how well that turns out! So for now, I will enjoy my relaxation. Although my head is in the clouds because of these lovely sinuses. Oh, the joys of living in Louisiana and being allergic to it as well. 

Perspective for today: I was welcoming the rain today. Just to be home and on familiar grounds was great. Going into work today was a breath of fresh air. No whiny kids, no running poop down the legs, no hours of driving. I actually had adult conversations! What?!! Yes I did! Yes I did!

IMG_0525Now back to the diet: breakfast was yogurt, lunch was some of my mom’s amazing steak and gravy! Someone at work is trying to sabotage me. They brought those World’s Famous Chocolate Bars! How can one resist? You can’t, and I didn’t! I chased my lunch with that piece of awesomeness. I had a banana for snack and a bowl of GF lucky charms for dinner. Hey…I said I wasn’t perfect! Tomorrow is a new day. I will eat the fruit and veggies that I purchased today. (At least that’s what I will be chanting in my head as I reach for the sweets.)IMG_0524


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