No Longer MIA

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in quite a while. I have a very good reason for that. My family and I just got back from a week long vacation to Orlando, Florida. My hubs had a locksmith conference there for a few days, and our 13th anniversary was Tuesday, so we just decided to go for the whole week. Yup, you read that right…13 years. How do you ask have we stayed together that long? By the grace of God! LOL…plus he’s a really good guy, for the most part! I’ve learned to love his flaws even though they irritate me to no end. He puts up with mine, so what can I say? No one else would want us. Hehehe…

The vacation was a nice get away but it wasn’t all laughs and giggles. As soon as we buckled Lennox up to leave, I swear he started running a fever! If you know my family, you really shouldn’t be surprised. Needless to say, he was super whiny and clingy for the ENTIRE trip! That’s right…the whole trip! Sure there were moments where he would laugh and have a good time, but those were few and far between. 

We decided to bring him to a walk-in clinic on our way to Orlando. We figured we should get that over with and hopefully get a good night’s rest. The clinic was a joke!! A two hour wait followed by crappy service. They swabbed him for strep which came back negative. He did have an ear infection so they gave him Zithromax. Well a few minutes down the road, I remembered that Zithromax DOES NOT work for my kids’ ear infections. So I had to call back, after I had already picked up the meds, and asked them for Omnicef. Thank goodness I caught that in time because they were about to close. After several trips to CVS, which if we only knew…there would be more to come, we decided to get a hotel because we still had a long drive ahead of us. 

We made it to Orlando on Monday. We just chilled in the hot tub that night and hung out with some friends. The resort we stayed at was great, but I’d much rather a regular hotel because these resorts take all of your money. They want to charge you for WiFi and no complimentary breakfast? C’mon people! I’m paying you enough money, the least you could do is feed this beast in the morning! And $3 for a bottle of water? Really?! Not cool. We had already planned to take the kids to Sea World, so when the resort was offering this great deal if you just sit through a presentation, we thought, “Sure…why not?” Well I’ll tell you why not! The supposed hour long presentation turned out to be over 2 hours! And I don’t know how many languages I have to use to get them to understand that I don’t want to purchase a timeshare. This Cajun girl was about to go off on these Floridians!

So we spent a good part of our anniversary listening to a timeshare presentation. That afternoon we walked around Disney Springs, which was a really cool place to check out. Lots of fun stores and “sidewalk entertainment.” Wednesday was our Sea World trip and it was a lot of fun, but keep in mind that Lennox was still cranky and not feeling well at all, so we were pooped and mentally exhausted. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, David had his locksmith stuff, so the kids and I hung out at the resort. Lennox seemed better so I took him to the playground. Let me back track and say that he was a bit constipated, so I gave him some Miralax. Well…it decided to kick in right when we go out to play. And not just kick in, it came with force. I’m chilling watching him play on the slide when I realize that he is taking an awfully long time to get out of that tunnel. I walk over to check on him and what do I see? Lennox in the downward dog position with poop…no, diarrhea…running down his legs, into his shoes and onto the tunnel. At this point, I wanted to cry. I was done! Not only was he sick all week, I wasn’t my most patient self. Monthly Irene came to visit and she didn’t play nice. Once I was finally able to get him out of the tunnel, I then had to carry him to the bathroom while making a poop trail wherever I went. Moms are looking at me, kids are looking at me, the janitor is looking at me. All I can say is, “It’s the medicine. My bad.”

So that was the end of that play trip. Once David was done with his class that afternoon, we went hang with a friend and ate some Mexican food. I had some really sugary drinks, which I don’t do much anymore since my diet. After about 30 minutes to an hour, I didn’t feel so well. Keep in mind, we still were about 20 minutes away from the resort and that didn’t include all of the tolls that we had to stop and pay. I was sweating! You don’t realize how long Florida traffic lights are until you’ve “gotta go!” David dropped me off at the front and I ran. Made it to the first floor bathroom and couldn’t wait. I didn’t care if anyone was in there or not! Sorry, not sorry! I managed to get to our room, which was on the 10th floor!!! I was sick! My body literally rejected the sugar! I ended up vomiting, which is not something I do very easily. Thank goodness Laney was there to take care of me while David finished getting Lennox out of the car. 

The rest of the trip went about the same, eating at restaurants that have so much options for GF people (insert sarcasm.) We went to CVS so many times that I think we should own stock in it by now! We just got back and I’m so glad to be home! My mom is so awesome that she came and cooked a good rice and gravy for us and picked up my house. Florida food just doesn’t measure up! 

With all of that said and done, I managed to stay on my diet except for one hamburger. And even though it wasn’t the trip we expected, we were together as a family and that’s what counts. We suffered together, as a family. At least we were able to take this vacation. It’s all about perspective, right?


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