Days 68-70 – Cheating Sucks

Sometimes cheating may seem good at the time, but afterwards, you may have regrets. I’m referring to food of course, but it can relate to other areas. 

This weekend, my jaw, neck and head were really bothering me. I had already taken a tramadol so I didn’t want to take another last night. David got me a daiquiri, because those really help with the pain. Since I was drinking tons of sugar, I might as well eat some candy. Those turtle candies were delish.

IMG_0365Then today at a baby shower I was doing great…until they cut the cake. It was good, but man oh man do I regret it now. About 15 minutes later, my stomach started churning. I knew what was coming and it wouldn’t be fun. So here I sit, hours later and my stomach is still funky. 

I ate a grilled chicken drumstick for dinner and am chasing it with some lavender and chamomile tea to help soothe my tummy. Not going to cheat for a while!

Day 67 -Who let the crazy out?

In the past two days, I can’t tell you how many times the KATC notification popped up on my phone alerting me to some craziness going on. From boaters missing and then one dying, a motorcyclist killed, a toddler beaten to death, 12 year old in Church Point dying from falling out of the back of a truck. Then on my way to dancing tonight, I saw 6-7 cops and the SWAT team at some home complex on Louisiana Ave. What in the world? Jesus has got to be coming back soon, right? I then received a text that a friend’s brother passed away today. My heart mourns with him and his wife. “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15

IMG_0356With that being said, I will keep this short. Breakfast was yogurt, lunch was apple pecan chicken salad and dinner will be eggs and rice. I love to cook the eggs over easy so when I crack them over my rice, it makes its own gravy. I do add soy sauce to the rice. Yum!

Pray people! Now is the time to get your heart right with God. If you have doubts, just look around at what removing God from everything has done. God will not force His will on anyone. 

Day 66 -Trying to Organize

Do you know that moment when you have just had enough of the clutter and chaos around your house? Feeling like if you see one more piece of trash or left over banana peel on the floor that you just might burst? That was my day! I have had enough of the chaos I call Laney’s room. Having a creative girl is awesome, but creativity comes with messiness. I went in with two trashbags and came out with them full. It’s not like it’s toys, it’s clothes that she doesn’t want to put away and trash that she hides. It took a bit, but I’m glad it’s done. I made her help too, for those who were wondering. 



I like to organize, but my kids won’t let me. I can make all of the toy bins I want, and a sock bag so we don’t lose socks, but if they don’t put it in the right place, it’s all just a good idea, right? Oh the life of a mom.

In the midst of the dumpster diving, I was able to eat yogurt for breakfast, tuna and eggs for lunch, an apple for snack, and then Chili’s for dinner with the family. I ordered a sirloin steak with avocados, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. I love asparagus, but I don’t like it that crunchy. Never knew that I wouldn’t like cooked cherry tomatoes. Pretty nasty.IMG_0353

Time for bed. If I show up at your house randomly organizing things, just pay me after I wake up.


Day 65 -Tummy Troubles

Well today started out in the bathroom and is ending in the bathroom. TMI but there you go. Whatever I ate yesterday did not sit well. My stomach hurt the moment I woke up and didn’t ease up until late afternoon. Not fun!

IMG_0340I made a crustless quiche with ground meat last night to eat for breakfast. It was very good, but I wouldn’t put as much cheese as the recipe calls for. It was a bit rich for me. I didn’t even eat half of it before it started upsetting my stomach more. I didn’t eat lunch. Funny thing is, I haven’t been too hungry lately. Loss of appetite. Good for the waist line, bad for my health. I’m down a size in pants!

I went to my mom’s for dinner. The kids ate left over gumbo and she made sausage with zucchini and squash for herself and me. It was so yummy. A bit spicy, but good. Both of our husbands won’t eat zucchini or squash, so she takes advantage of that when I’m there. IMG_0341

My stomach is feeling a bit yucky again as I type this. May have a glass of wine to soothe it. My lil dude was cranky this afternoon, so that glass of wine will help with that. Momma needs a break!


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Crustless Quiche Recipe


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Day 64 -♫Gettin’ Better All the Time♫

Country music is not my thing, but like David says, “it’s relatable.” I suppose he is right. If anyone tells him this, I will slap you. 😉

My brother came over today and ate some of my spaghetti squash casserole (recipe posted below) and said that the older I get, the better my cooking. Heck yeah! I’ll take that! Even my mom and her boss tore it up. David wasn’t too thrilled with it, but you can’t win them all.

IMG_0335I’m trying to do as the doctor suggested and cut out dairy, rice, corn and gluten, but today, I ate all of those, except for the gluten! LOL….I had yogurt for breakfast, bell peppers and hummus for lunch, blue corn chips for snack and pork rice and gravy for dinner. I did cheat with one tiny chocolate egg. I know, I know…Amy STOP IT! It’s harder than it looks. Especially when you are opening up the egg for your 7 year old but then realize it’s all melted and there is no way you can give it to her, so what’s the next best thing? You eat it! That’s what good moms do. And I’m a good mom. Actually, I’m a great mom! I almost always finish my kids left overs! (I’m patting my self on the back right now, or maybe my rear end. Can’t tell, they may be merging into one.)

Let’s see how I do tomorrow!

2 months and counting

I’ve officially been GF for 2 months now. Haven’t seen much changes with my fibromyalgia, but hoping to see some with eliminating more of the yeast/sugar. I have noticed a difference with my stomach, as long as I stay on the diet. When I’ve cheated, it had its effects. I don’t think that I will be as hard core as this doctor, but I will try my best. God gave me taste buds for a reason, right? 

So instead of listing everything that I ate over the weekend, I’ll just say that I did pretty good. Short post…not much to say.