Day 81 -Good news

After a week of being violated, today was the day for results, the day for answers! The doctor put me on Entocort for 8 weeks, which is a corticosteroid hormone. Basically an anti-inflammatory drug to get rid of the ulcers and inflammation. The polyp that they found ended up not being in my colon, but in my stomach. Good news is that it’s not the cancerous type of polyp. He compared it to a skin tag. 

So….now time to move on! I will continue this GF diet to keep the flare ups to a minimal. He did say that this diet is the best one for ulcerative ileitis. As far as the sugar goes, that is a lot harder to give up. Especially when people bring ice cream to women’s group. Yes, you Susan! I am speaking of you! But at least I was able to say no to the coffee cake.

Breakfast today was GF blueberry pancakes. The doctor appointment went a lot longer than I expected so I caved and got Taco Bell. I thought they would have corn tortillas, but they don’t. C’mon Taco Bell…step it up! So I had no choice but to get a taco salad. I hate to say that I ate a small rice krispy treat, but I did…and it was good! Then I had some Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream at group tonight. I finished off the night with a bowl of okra gumbo. Not my best day, but most definitely not my worst!blue-bell-ice-cream-155316

The topic for my homegroup tomorrow night is joy. The rice krispy treat and ice cream definitely brought me joy! 

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