Day 80 – Back on Track

One of the reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable. It’s working! I have felt bad for my last few measly posts, that I decided to step it up today. So here you go! 

IMG_0408Breakfast was GF blueberry pancakes with organic maple syrup. Lunch was a salad from the Albertson’s salad bar. Snack was a yummy assortment of fruit with cheese. Dinner…if my husband can find the GF noodles, will be spaghetti. Not too bad, if I must say so myself! 

Now that I feel that I’ve gotten the hang of this, I really want to start pushing my lil family to eat this way; not everyone and their momma…just those under my roof. I don’t want my kids to suffer with the same ailments. If I can prevent it, I will try my hardest. IMG_0410

Last night at Alpha, we were discussing how God has healed us. We went around the table and everyone gave their own amazing story. My story was that I’ve gotten prayer many times, have received relief, but only for a moment. It always comes back. I’m not mad at God or questioning why He hasn’t healed me yet. I’m just at His will and am okay with whatever. Yes, I want to be healed. Yes, I know He can and wants that for me. I feel that He has provided me with the strength to endure these trials. Without it, I would be one mess of emotions. At least I can laugh about it and not whine about it too much. 

Everyone has their own trials in life. Mine has been sickness, and I’m okay with whatever He has for me, whether I am miraculously healed or I must endure it. He is my strength and refuge. I tell you what though. This has given me more compassion for those that are burdened with ailments. God, use me to heal your children!


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