Days 73-74 – I’ve been violated!

If you have ever had an upper GI and/or colonoscopy done, then you understand the meaning behind the phrase, “I’ve been violated!” Granted, you are unaware of it at the time, but you wake up to the reality of it all. (I have to make these situations comical or I may break down.)

I’m so glad it’s over with, but now I am awaiting results. I do know that they found an ulcer in my esophagus and small intestine, and also a polyp in my colon that was removed and sent for further review. Normally I would say that this procedure is easy peasy, but it seems like the scopes have irritated the ulcers more. I have pain in the middle of my chest and in my belly. I had some soup that was a bit spicy and it’s like I could almost pinpoint where the polyp was removed. Crazy! My checkup is next Thursday. Can’t wait to get answers.

One answer I did receive was that I did in fact test positive for Hashimoto’s. That really explains a lot. It also has some of the same symptoms of fibromyalgia, which could be why I haven’t felt much difference with this diet in that area. I’ve increased my thyroid meds. I’m just glad for answers, finally! Being in the unknown sucks! I can cope with any situation, but to be just left hanging is frustrating. 

I’ve taken it pretty easy these past few days concerning food. I’m not very hungry and with the pain I’m having, I really don’t want to make it worse. Thanks for encouraging me along the way! Love you all!


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