Day 71 -Hashi-what-o?

Not much on the food front today. I had to do a soft diet to get ready for my colonoscopy on Wednesday. So it was eggs, yogurt, tuna, and a baked potato kind of day. Tomorrow will be just liquids. Oh boy….

I got my results back from my blood work and I tested negative for Lyme disease but positive for the thyroid antibodies test. The lady on the phone obviously wasn’t the nurse, just the messenger. She tells me that she (the dr) is increasing my meds from 30mg to 90mg/day. I understand that part. What I don’t understand is why you aren’t telling me what the positive results mean. So I asked her. She then attempted to say, “When it’s positive, it’s often Hashi…something Hashi…” I knew she was looking for the pronunciation Hashimoto’s because my niece has that. Why she didn’t know how to pronounce it is beyond me. I asked her to confirm it for me and she said that she would. If I have another autoimmune disorder, I would like to know the details. Basically, Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune that attacks the thyroid. Finally somewhat of an answer to my issues.

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