Days 68-70 – Cheating Sucks

Sometimes cheating may seem good at the time, but afterwards, you may have regrets. I’m referring to food of course, but it can relate to other areas. 

This weekend, my jaw, neck and head were really bothering me. I had already taken a tramadol so I didn’t want to take another last night. David got me a daiquiri, because those really help with the pain. Since I was drinking tons of sugar, I might as well eat some candy. Those turtle candies were delish.

IMG_0365Then today at a baby shower I was doing great…until they cut the cake. It was good, but man oh man do I regret it now. About 15 minutes later, my stomach started churning. I knew what was coming and it wouldn’t be fun. So here I sit, hours later and my stomach is still funky. 

I ate a grilled chicken drumstick for dinner and am chasing it with some lavender and chamomile tea to help soothe my tummy. Not going to cheat for a while!


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