Day 66 -Trying to Organize

Do you know that moment when you have just had enough of the clutter and chaos around your house? Feeling like if you see one more piece of trash or left over banana peel on the floor that you just might burst? That was my day! I have had enough of the chaos I call Laney’s room. Having a creative girl is awesome, but creativity comes with messiness. I went in with two trashbags and came out with them full. It’s not like it’s toys, it’s clothes that she doesn’t want to put away and trash that she hides. It took a bit, but I’m glad it’s done. I made her help too, for those who were wondering. 



I like to organize, but my kids won’t let me. I can make all of the toy bins I want, and a sock bag so we don’t lose socks, but if they don’t put it in the right place, it’s all just a good idea, right? Oh the life of a mom.

In the midst of the dumpster diving, I was able to eat yogurt for breakfast, tuna and eggs for lunch, an apple for snack, and then Chili’s for dinner with the family. I ordered a sirloin steak with avocados, asparagus and cherry tomatoes. I love asparagus, but I don’t like it that crunchy. Never knew that I wouldn’t like cooked cherry tomatoes. Pretty nasty.IMG_0353

Time for bed. If I show up at your house randomly organizing things, just pay me after I wake up.



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