Day 65 -Tummy Troubles

Well today started out in the bathroom and is ending in the bathroom. TMI but there you go. Whatever I ate yesterday did not sit well. My stomach hurt the moment I woke up and didn’t ease up until late afternoon. Not fun!

IMG_0340I made a crustless quiche with ground meat last night to eat for breakfast. It was very good, but I wouldn’t put as much cheese as the recipe calls for. It was a bit rich for me. I didn’t even eat half of it before it started upsetting my stomach more. I didn’t eat lunch. Funny thing is, I haven’t been too hungry lately. Loss of appetite. Good for the waist line, bad for my health. I’m down a size in pants!

I went to my mom’s for dinner. The kids ate left over gumbo and she made sausage with zucchini and squash for herself and me. It was so yummy. A bit spicy, but good. Both of our husbands won’t eat zucchini or squash, so she takes advantage of that when I’m there. IMG_0341

My stomach is feeling a bit yucky again as I type this. May have a glass of wine to soothe it. My lil dude was cranky this afternoon, so that glass of wine will help with that. Momma needs a break!


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Crustless Quiche Recipe


Course: Breakfast



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