Day 81 -Good news

After a week of being violated, today was the day for results, the day for answers! The doctor put me on Entocort for 8 weeks, which is a corticosteroid hormone. Basically an anti-inflammatory drug to get rid of the ulcers and inflammation. The polyp that they found ended up not being in my colon, but in my stomach. Good news is that it’s not the cancerous type of polyp. He compared it to a skin tag. 

So….now time to move on! I will continue this GF diet to keep the flare ups to a minimal. He did say that this diet is the best one for ulcerative ileitis. As far as the sugar goes, that is a lot harder to give up. Especially when people bring ice cream to women’s group. Yes, you Susan! I am speaking of you! But at least I was able to say no to the coffee cake.

Breakfast today was GF blueberry pancakes. The doctor appointment went a lot longer than I expected so I caved and got Taco Bell. I thought they would have corn tortillas, but they don’t. C’mon Taco Bell…step it up! So I had no choice but to get a taco salad. I hate to say that I ate a small rice krispy treat, but I did…and it was good! Then I had some Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream at group tonight. I finished off the night with a bowl of okra gumbo. Not my best day, but most definitely not my worst!blue-bell-ice-cream-155316

The topic for my homegroup tomorrow night is joy. The rice krispy treat and ice cream definitely brought me joy! 


Day 80 – Back on Track

One of the reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable. It’s working! I have felt bad for my last few measly posts, that I decided to step it up today. So here you go! 

IMG_0408Breakfast was GF blueberry pancakes with organic maple syrup. Lunch was a salad from the Albertson’s salad bar. Snack was a yummy assortment of fruit with cheese. Dinner…if my husband can find the GF noodles, will be spaghetti. Not too bad, if I must say so myself! 

Now that I feel that I’ve gotten the hang of this, I really want to start pushing my lil family to eat this way; not everyone and their momma…just those under my roof. I don’t want my kids to suffer with the same ailments. If I can prevent it, I will try my hardest. IMG_0410

Last night at Alpha, we were discussing how God has healed us. We went around the table and everyone gave their own amazing story. My story was that I’ve gotten prayer many times, have received relief, but only for a moment. It always comes back. I’m not mad at God or questioning why He hasn’t healed me yet. I’m just at His will and am okay with whatever. Yes, I want to be healed. Yes, I know He can and wants that for me. I feel that He has provided me with the strength to endure these trials. Without it, I would be one mess of emotions. At least I can laugh about it and not whine about it too much. 

Everyone has their own trials in life. Mine has been sickness, and I’m okay with whatever He has for me, whether I am miraculously healed or I must endure it. He is my strength and refuge. I tell you what though. This has given me more compassion for those that are burdened with ailments. God, use me to heal your children!

Days 78-79 -Brain Fog

I feel like I’ve been in a brain fog the past few days. Not sure if it’s medicine induced or just another symptom, but I can’t seem to focus. I’m easily distracted and ….SQUIRREL!

My diet lately hasn’t been very exciting. I need to meal plan. I’ve just kind of winging it and that is no fun! Today, I cheated with a Reese’s Fast Break. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, lunch was (I’m ashamed to say) the Reese’s, and for dinner I had my mom’s okra gumbo. I ended up snacking on some tortilla chips with a slice of cheese. 

Time to get back on track! Tomorrow is a new day!

Days 75-77 Weekend Recap

I apologize for not updating enough. Life has been hectic. Good, but busy! So this will be short. 

In home group, we are taking one fruit of the spirit and “doing the stuff” every week. Last week we discussed God’s love; how He showed us His love and how we showed His love to others. Step out for the one! This week, our topic is joy. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Over the weekend, I didn’t keep track of all of my meals, but I did take pictures of these to yummy meals….sushi and baked asparagus wrapped in bacon. Mmmm Mmmm good!

Days 73-74 – I’ve been violated!

If you have ever had an upper GI and/or colonoscopy done, then you understand the meaning behind the phrase, “I’ve been violated!” Granted, you are unaware of it at the time, but you wake up to the reality of it all. (I have to make these situations comical or I may break down.)

I’m so glad it’s over with, but now I am awaiting results. I do know that they found an ulcer in my esophagus and small intestine, and also a polyp in my colon that was removed and sent for further review. Normally I would say that this procedure is easy peasy, but it seems like the scopes have irritated the ulcers more. I have pain in the middle of my chest and in my belly. I had some soup that was a bit spicy and it’s like I could almost pinpoint where the polyp was removed. Crazy! My checkup is next Thursday. Can’t wait to get answers.

One answer I did receive was that I did in fact test positive for Hashimoto’s. That really explains a lot. It also has some of the same symptoms of fibromyalgia, which could be why I haven’t felt much difference with this diet in that area. I’ve increased my thyroid meds. I’m just glad for answers, finally! Being in the unknown sucks! I can cope with any situation, but to be just left hanging is frustrating. 

I’ve taken it pretty easy these past few days concerning food. I’m not very hungry and with the pain I’m having, I really don’t want to make it worse. Thanks for encouraging me along the way! Love you all!

Day 72 -Liquids Only!

IMG_0366I spent my day avoiding food. That’s a tough one. Only liquids for me today! I’ve got to make sure that I’m “cleaned out” for the colonoscopy tomorrow. Oh boy! Luckily, the actual procedure is nothing. It’s this prep that sucks! 

Normally I have to drink a ton of liquid. Now, it’s two powder packets and then a clear drink of my choice. I can handle this! Wish me luck!

Day 71 -Hashi-what-o?

Not much on the food front today. I had to do a soft diet to get ready for my colonoscopy on Wednesday. So it was eggs, yogurt, tuna, and a baked potato kind of day. Tomorrow will be just liquids. Oh boy….

I got my results back from my blood work and I tested negative for Lyme disease but positive for the thyroid antibodies test. The lady on the phone obviously wasn’t the nurse, just the messenger. She tells me that she (the dr) is increasing my meds from 30mg to 90mg/day. I understand that part. What I don’t understand is why you aren’t telling me what the positive results mean. So I asked her. She then attempted to say, “When it’s positive, it’s often Hashi…something Hashi…” I knew she was looking for the pronunciation Hashimoto’s because my niece has that. Why she didn’t know how to pronounce it is beyond me. I asked her to confirm it for me and she said that she would. If I have another autoimmune disorder, I would like to know the details. Basically, Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune that attacks the thyroid. Finally somewhat of an answer to my issues.