Day 59 -More Restrictions

Today was the day for me to see how I’ve been coming along with this diet. Although I kind of already know, since I’m still having pain. Good news…I lost 1 more pound, that’s 11 pounds total since February! Bad news…she thinks my lips are yeast related, so that means more restrictions to my diet. She wants me to completely eliminate all sugars. You might as well tell me not to breathe! I love sugar, but I will try my best to do without more and more. Just when I think I’m doing better, I leave there feeling a bit discouraged. I know I’m doing better than I was, but I thought it was better than it is. I’ll just keep trucking on. 

She also wants me to get rid of all dairy, rice and corn. Again…I will try to follow this for the most part, but I will not kill myself trying to stay on track. I will do my best. That’s all I can do. I do want to see results, and she was hoping that I would have seen more than I am, but she knows that yeast can have a huge play in it. 

I mentioned to her the prophesy that was given to me about a tick bite. (I’m so glad I have a doctor that doesn’t look at me stupid when I say that.) Well she is going to do blood work to check for lyme disease. She said that it does tend to show up years later after the initial bite and also that spiders and mosquitoes can carry lyme as well. She is also testing my antibodies. 

On top of the probiotics, she is having me take digestive enzymes and amino acids for my tummy issues. She also doesn’t want me to use petroleum based lip balms, so I purchased a roll-on of Vitamin E. I don’t mind taking this stuff, but let me tell you, prescriptions are cheaper because insurance pays for them. The digestive enzymes alone were $32! It’s expensive to try to live clean. Man, oh man…taking donations!

IMG_0293.JPGBreakfast today was yogurt, lunch was peanut butter and most definitely not enough. I was in a rush and didn’t have time to make anything else. For dinner, I broiled some fish and shrimp and ate that over a salad. Very yummy. What will tomorrow hold? Lord, lead my steps!

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