Day 58 -My Lips Be Chap Chap

From beautiful, lucious lips to raw, cracking, peeling and burning monsters! What the heck has happened to my lips? Is this an allergy to something, an overgrowth of yeast, my body detoxing? Whatever it is, I need answers, and I need them now! Not only do they hurt, they are quite embarrassing. I found myself covering my mouth quite often tonight, or coating them in coconut oil. Which if you have ever used coconut oil on your lips before, you know there is no pretty way to put it on. Once it’s on your finger, it then melts and becomes liquid very quickly, so then you are trying to rub it into your butchered lips before it completely drips down the rest of your face. All this happens about, oh…every 15 minutes! Trying to be discreet? Not going to happen!

I’m going to my doctor tomorrow that put me on this diet in the first place. I’m going to see if I’m doing this correctly or completely screwing this up. Either way…time to get some more answers, and hopefully relief to this pain on my face! So if you have seen me or will see me soon, please excuse the baboon butt that has ended up on my face. Did that image gross you out? Try this one. FullSizeRender

I’m trying to cut back on the sugar even more. Especially if I’m correct that this is yeast. I only had one scoop of sugar in my coffee, but I caved at lunch. I had a Reese’s peanut butter egg. Again…Darn you, Easter! 

Breakfast was yogurt, lunch was left over shrimp and zucchini scampi, and dinner was spaghetti with no noodles. I bought my kids McDonald’s after Alpha tonight and I got a small fry. Hey, at least it wasn’t a cheeseburger. 

Pray for answers tomorrow!

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