Days 54-57 – Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great weekend with their family and friends. I know I did. After hearing that everyone was eating crawfish for Good Friday, I told my hubs that I wanted some and he provided. They were so juicy and delicious! I just love crawfish season.

Friday was a busy day of shopping with my mom. For homegroup we just had snacks, for me that meant a bowl of fruit, because that’s all I was able to eat. Saturday, IMG_0209I ate honey nut cheerios for breakfast, GF muffins and a banana for lunch and yummy crawfish for dinner. We dyed eggs with my mom that day and it was fun. We just chilled around the house while David was out fishing. Sunday after church, we went to my parents. They fried some fish and shrimp. I didn’t think that I would be able to eat any because of the batter, so my mom made me some amazing zucchini and shrimp scampi. Turns out that they made the batter from corn meal and corn starch, so I was able to eat a few. I still didn’t go overboard though, because I’ve still been having some stomach pains. I did eat some of the kids candy, but that’s got to stop! After egg hunts at both parents, we went home to rest. I finished the night with some popcorn. 

Today, I finished off the muffins for breakfast, lunch was left over scampi IMG_0281and dessert was a whipped cream and pudding with fruit my mom made just for me. So good! I spent most of the day potty training. I’m determined to do my best this week since we are taking the week off for school. It went really well. He only had two accidents! Go Lennox!! 

My lips are still bothering me: red, burning, peeling, cracked at the corners….just plain miserable. I really think it’s yeast (aka candida.) I’m researching it, so I know that the sugar has to go. I’m trying coconut and melaleuca oil on my lips, because they are supposed to help fight the fungus. Gross to think that I have an overgrowth of fungus on my lips, but such is the life of Amy Briscoe!


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