Days 47-50 -Playing Catch Up

I was super busy this weekend and today so this is all wrapped up in one! Friday was home group and we had a snack night. On Saturday, I got up and made eggs and cheese. Had an IMG_0167.JPGamazing salad from Wendy’s and that night we had a game night at a friend’s house. He made breakfast for dinner, always my favorite! Homemade IMG_0175hashbrowns, eggs, corn grits, bacon…yum yum yum! I was stuffed! So blessed to have them! Sunday breakfast was a banana, lunch was Japanese from the mall and an apple for dinner. 

So that wraps up the menu for the weekend. We had a busy day Saturday. We tore bushes out of the ground and spent the rest of the day doing landscape, low maintenance landscape! I’ve seriously planted fake flowers before because I really don’t like to garden. Sunday was spent at church, then a much needed IMG_0196nap. We just chilled and had a family night. I was definitely sore from the day before. 

Today, I started the day with yogurt. I had black bean and chicken chili for lunch, popcorn for a snack and made a very colorful salad topped with broiled shrimp! Yummy! I did finish off a bag of Cadbury Mini Robin Eggs over the weekend. Darn Easter!


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