Day 51 -Food Truck Frenzy

Today we had a couple of food trucks park at my job for lunch. It was a beautiful day. A bit windy, but still beautiful. I had lunch with one of my friends outside. I ate BBQ brisket nachos and they were very good. Something in it must have upset my stomach, becauseIMG_0206 I was sick the rest of the day. Not throwing up, just felt nauseous and had pain in my belly. Just looking at the picture is making me nauseous. Bleh….I hate this feeling.

I went to Alpha and they had tacos. I wasn’t going to eat any, but it smelled so good. I ate one and was fine. My friend brought some ice cream for me since her dessert wasn’t GF. I still felt fine, until I got home. Stomach was in pain. Felt like a lump in my gut. Going to bed to hopefully to wake up feeling better. 

My oldest daughter started running a fever last night. She’s been having the sinus crud. So now I’m taking care of my sick girl. Oh the life of a mom…


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