Day 46 -Black Beans! YUM!

Are you wondering if I cheated last night with Burger King or if I was a good girl and ate my salad? Well….drumroll please……………….I ate (enter commercial ♫The Incredible, Edible Egg.♫) I ate my Grilled Market salad with avocado and ranch dressing from Chick-fil-a. That’s right…I still have will power. My hubs showed up with purple flowers and warm chocolate chip cookies. Did I cave? Yes, yes I did and I am not ashamed. I enjoyed it. I gave up my will power for the good stuff.

I don’t feel any different from eating that cookie. Like I’ve said before, I am not aching as much as I was in my hips and I’ve been finding that my energy is somewhat better. I wonder if that has anything to do with the time change. But I have noticed that my lips feel incredibly raw and are peeling like crazy, but they aren’t chapped but feel chapped. I’m wondering if I have a lipstick allergy. I’ve had this happen before with other lip balms and I’ve been trying to wear more lipstick lately because it’s fun! Hoping to figure this out and if it is a lipstick allergy, that I can find something to work for me. These lips are way too big to go naked! Must show off what God gave me!

IMG_0161Breakfast today was yogurt. Lunch was left over chuck roast and green beans over GF noodles. Snack was a handful of nuts. Dinner was a black bean and chicken chili that I’ve had cooking all day in the slow cooker and it was goooooood. Oh so good! It was the same recipe as the white bean chicken chili, but I used black beans instead. I still want my robin eggs and would have gotten some if they were around the checkout lines where I’ve been. May have to make a trip just for those. Hey…those only come around once a year! Easter is coming soon, right? 


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