Day 45 -Darn You, Easter!

Cadbury-Mini-Eggs-Wrapper-SmallStruggling today. I want junk! Junk, Junk, Junk! In fact, I’m writing this before I even eat dinner. David is going get food and he’s such an awesome husband that he may be picking me up Burger King, even after I gave in to saying I wanted a salad from Chick-fil-a. Do I want Burger King? Yes! Will I eat it if he gets it? Yes! Do I secretly want him to come home with junk food? Maybe. What I really want are my favorite Easter candies…Cadbury Mini Robin Eggs. They are my weakness! Apparently, junk is my weakness today. My willpower is low. I will probably feel somewhat guilty if I end up eating junk, but this diet isn’t going anywhere for me so far. Yes, I’ve lost weight and yes I feel better about myself, but that’s about it.

IMG_0142Today I had GF waffles with maple syrup and peanut butter for breakfast. Bought them at the store and probably won’t be eating them again. They weren’t that great. Lunch was a sweet potato and some yogurt raisins. My beauties had dance pictures today, so I picked up beef jerky as a snack. Dinner will remain a surprise until tomorrow. 

Will I cheat? Should I cheat? (Imagine suspenseful music in the background.)


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