Days 40-42 – Spring Forward!

I just love this time change! I love having the extra sunlight to play with my family outside. Tonight was great! We got to go bike riding. The weather was perfect! We went to Target after to get some groceries and something amazing happened! After the conference last weekend, I’ve been encouraged to see what God is doing around me. While checking out, I asked myself, “God, what are you doing here and who do you want to speak to?” The lady in front of me with her kids stood out to me. I asked the Lord what He wanted to tell her, and I felt the need to compliment her on being a great mom. Then I heard the name Emily. I was nervous, but I wanted to be obedient! David was with me and had no clue what was going on.

I approached the lady and asked her if she knew someone named Emily. Turns out that her name was Emily! I was flabbergasted! Could not believe that I heard God right! I started cracking up and looked at David. Again, he had no clue, both he and the cashier were confused, as well as Emily. I told her that I was practicing hearing from God and heard the name Emily and to say that she was a good mom. I told her to be blessed that God pinpointed her like that. Then she went on her way. I looked at the cashier and said, “Don’t doubt that God speaks.” Hahahahaha….God is so awesome! I’m so amazed that He chose to use someone like me to speak to her. God, it’s all about you! Not me! I’m merely a tool in your tool belt. Use me as You will!

IMG_0114Homegroup was great Friday night, I made some spaghetti and meatballs. My mom told me about smothering eggplant and putting it in the spaghetti to thicken it up and give it a good flavor. It was very good, in my opinion! And no one knew that I put eggplant, until now! LOL…. Saturday was supposed to be another training at church, but I was pooped and didn’t feel great so we stayed home to finish stuff around here. We went to a friends’ house that night and they made spaghetti too! They made GF pasta for me and an awesome chocolate mousse. Today, I had an egg for breakfast, BBQ chicken for lunch and popcorn for dinner. I wasn’t very hungry. 

I did notice as I was telling my friend about the prophesy last weekend from Jamie Galloway stating that I was going to be receiving a healing in several areas, that all of those areas have flared up! I’ve been in pain and my allergies started acting up! The devil likes to counterattack what the Lord promised us, but he has been defeated! He will not steal this word from me! Even in the midst of the pain, I know that God is bigger than this and I will be healed!


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