Day 37 -Rumble in my Tummy

I started off today thinking that it would be a better day, physically speaking that is. I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Not only did I not sleep well last night, I woke up hurting still. 

IMG_0076Yesterday, while preparing my dinner, I cooked my breakfast, an apple coffee cake. It was really good. I didn’t use the walnuts like the recipe calls for, because I don’t really care for nuts in my baked goods. The top of it is not burnt, by the way. It’s cinnamon and honey. Not long after, I got sick to my stomach. Gotta love IBS. And of course it happens right before I have to leave to bring the girls to dancing. Needless to say, they were late a bit. Took some pepto and it finally started feeling better. 

For lunch I managed to eat my left over GF pizza and it didn’t bother my stomach. You just never know with IBS. Seriously! Our Alpha class was tonight and they served red beans and rice with sausage. One lady at our group brought carrot cake for everyone. She thought about me and went out of her way to get me some GF dessert from Indulge. Boy was it good! I thought that was extremely sweet (pun intended) of her. IMG_0077

Finishing off my night with my heating pad and a glass of wine. I also had a scratchy throat today. Trying to remedy that with essential oils. I took a spoonful of thieves and honey this morning and a spoonful of lavender, peppermint and lemon with honey this afternoon. Praying it doesn’t turn into something. God, anytime you want to bring that healing, I’ll take it!

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Apple Coffee Cake (Paleo)


Course: Breakfast




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