Day 36 -Recovering

Today was a pretty chill day. I’m still trying to recover from the conference this weekend. My body does not like me right now. I’ve tried epsom salt baths and that doesn’t help. I get out of the tub stiffer than when I went in. The only thing helping is pain meds, but I don’t want to have to rely on that! Praying for a healing. 

Took my Laneybug to the orthodontist today. Dentist recommended it because her teeth are all jacked up. He said her teeth are very over-crowded and she has an over-bite. He thinks her bottom teeth are probably touching her palette. But he doesn’t want to do anything just yet. We have to go back in a year. I did question him about TMJ and he asked what kind I had. I didn’t even know that there were several kinds. He asked if I have arthritis in my jaw. I’m not sure if I do or not. He said if it sounds like a crumpling paper bag that it most likely is arthritis, and that kind is very hard to treat. Since I got worse with treatment and it does sound like a paper bag, he’s thinking that’s what I have. He will take a look at my splint and go from there. Would love to be healed of that, too!

IMG_0075Just so tired of the pain today. Went for a walk in the neighborhood to hopefully loosen up my body. While doing that, I had my dinner in the oven…chicken and corn enchiladas (without tortillas.) It is really good, but I would love it even more with black beans. The kids seem to be enjoying it. I may have to get a second helping. I didn’t eat much today, so I can do that. I had a few bites of Lennox’s left over fried chicken (minus the skin…ok maybe I took a few bites of it) at my grandmother’s for lunch and a banana for a snack.

Other than that, I’m ready to go back to the doctor to see why I’m still in so much pain. I have noticed changes in the pain in my hips, but after this weekend…man oh man….I could rub Tiger Balm all over myself, like RIGHT NOW! Pain, you need to GO, In Jesus Name! Amen!!!! 


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