Days 34-35 -Yay God!

Today ends an amazing weekend filled with God’s presence. Our conference at church was of course awesome, but I am exhausted now! It’s so cool to hear how God shows people just how much He cares. It’s mind blowing that people are gifted with knowing things about people that only God and those close to them would know! God is so incredible! I’m so glad I gave my life to Him years ago.

I really enjoyed the time with all of my friends, but my body is done. I woke up this morning feeling like a truck hit me. My body hurts so bad. It’s probably a combination of sitting for so long, worshiping my heart out, and the food I was eating. Time to get back on track. I had to take a tramadol yesterday and today because of all the pain. 

Yesterday I skipped breakfast. I just didn’t have enough time. They had donuts, but I managed to turn them down! Yay me! For lunch, everyone went to the food trucks to eat. I didn’t find much, plus the long lines were irritating me. I wanted junk food, but didn’t want to veer too much off track. I ended up getting some nachos with chili and cheese. At least the chips were corn chips instead of flour. We weren’t hungry for dinner so I just took a few bites of a GF chocolate mint pie. Too sweet for me! I did get to pray and minister to a lady at Whole Foods and that was pretty cool!

IMG_0071Today, I had yogurt for breakfast and a GF pizza from Pizza Artista! Love that place! Not very hungry for dinner, so I’ll probably just snack on fruit or veggies. Taking it easy tonight. I took a nap, but I’m still pooped! I’m trying to potty train lil dude, so I could use some prayers. So tired of diapers! 


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