Day 33 – Wowsers!

Wow, wow, wow!! I’ll get into that later!

Today was a busy day. We took the homeschool co-op kids to Baton Rouge for a field trip to the U.S.S. Kidd. It was fun and relaxing. It was such a beautiful day for it too! We had a picnic in the grass while the kids rolled down the hills. 

IMG_0058I wasn’t sure what I was going to pack for our picnics, but the Lord provided a way. I had peanut butter and nutella sandwiches for the kids, while I ate peanut butter with homemade jelly by itself. It was yummy! I also had a boiled egg, fruit and veggies. The kids were very satisfied and weren’t complaining that they didn’t have chips like the others. I was a happy mom. I started my day with yogurt and ended it with an AMAZING Grilled Market Salad topped with avocado lime ranch dressing from Chick-fil-a. A must have again! I was very tempted to get a burger today, but a good friend talked me out of it. I’m glad she did!

Now onto the Wow part! As most of you know, we have a church conference this weekend and the speaker is Jamie Galloway. He is gifted at words of knowledge and the prophetic. I went there tonight just expecting something from the Lord, and boy did I get what I wanted! Funny thing is, I was holding a friend’s baby and walked out because he was fussy. She came to get him from me and said, “You need to go sit in there in case he has a word for you.” Well, not long after sitting back down did he start! He looked right at David and “read his mail.”

I know I will miss some things, but here is the gist of it. He said that David was going to be going to another level spiritually and that David will receive gifts. Things from his past would be healed. Even that this would spill over into our family. He spoke about promotion and that he was going to be given more leg room. (Whatever that means…) See God doesn’t always speak clearly. He will speak in metaphors, too. He spoke about David being protected from a spear in his chest. He said that his credibility and credit will be expanded. He spoke about David’s back pain being released. Even that the tension in his shoulders and neck would release. (David has been suffering with that for a while now, thanks to Pop-A-Lock.) There was more but I can’t remember it all.

Then he turned to me. He asked my name and said, “Amy, God really loves you.” He said something about seeing a me changing a generation, or raising a generation…something of that sort. I can’t wait to hear the recording of this. Then he spoke about me having a prophetic gift. That God will give me visions and dreams and that I would receive better rest. That tonight would be an amazing sleep! I will receive that! He also saw something about my physical body being healed. He mentioned my adrenal glands, along with my allergies. That God would clear it all up and allow me to see and smell the flowers like never before. He mentioned something about a bug bite, like maybe a tick, around my ankles. My friends think that it would be cool if my symptoms are related to lyme disease and that he revealed it this way. He also mentioned something about God giving me a new song and a new sound. Funny because I don’t sing. But he didn’t mention singing per say. I’ve had another person say recently that they saw my fingers and saw a harp on fire and that I may want to consider pursuing that. I mentioned to them that I have always wanted to play the piano. They found that funny because the piano is a form of a harp. 

This may all sound weird and crazy to you if this is new to you. Well it is weird and crazy! It’s weird and crazy how someone that knows nothing about me was spot on about things in my life. It’s also weird and crazy how God can show someone those details about my life. MY life. Why mine? Because He loves me just like He loves you. He cares about the little details and wants to see us prosper. I’m super excited to see what God has in store for us. I’m also really glad that Jamie Galloway allows God to use him as His own personal tool. Because it’s not about Jamie, it’s about God using Jamie and Jamie surrendering to His will and purpose. 

If this has intrigued you at all and would love for God to speak to you, then you should come tomorrow! Even if you’re skeptical and want to see what this is about, COME! There are 3 sessions! First one is at 9am-11am. Second 2pm-4pm. Third 6pm-9pm. Then the last one at 10am on Sunday morning! Yay God!


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