Day 32 – 1 month down

Today was quite interesting and fun! A coworker and I went to the Go Red for Women luncheon for the American Heart Association. It was really fun! At the end of the luncheon, they had a runway of men dressed in women’s dresses strutting their stuff. Some were a sight to say the least, but it was for a good cause. 

IMG_0041They served us a yummy lunch and dessert, but I managed to turn down the strawberry shortcake. Go Amy! They served beer braised pork with sweet potato mash and green beans. Heart healthy and yummy! 

IMG_0027For breakfast, I had yogurt and for dinner my hubs took us out to eat Chinese. As I was eating the Chinese, I thought that some of the chicken there may be fried in flour. Oh you sneaky sneaky gluten! Why must you hate me? 

I am pretty sore this morning and achy. Not good considering I have a field trip to the U.S.S. Kidd with my kiddos! (No pun intended there.) But I will get through this day just like the rest. God is my strength. 


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