Day 31 -I stayed strong

After the past few days that I have had, I welcomed a lazy day today. It was a regular school and work day, but it was chill. No major fights. No major accidents. No major destructive hobbies. Thank the Good Lord! 

I had a doctor’s appointment with my rheumatologist today to check on the fibromyalgia. Luckily, nothing has really changed, but unfortunately, nothing has really changed. He is watching out for any signs of rheumatoid arthritis, especially since my aunt has it. He checked my joints, but they all seem fine except for my jaw, of course. That thing is all jacked up! Snap, Crackle, Pop! That’s all I hear when I open my jaw. He did notice some sensitivity in my knee joint, but he thinks it’s just the soft tissue around it that is effecting it. So for now, I just need to continue my bike riding and add some stretching. Continue to see my physical therapist and maybe get some dry needling in my hip. If my hip gets bad again, he can give me a shot to relieve the pain. I’ve noticed that my hip pain has been better since the diet. 

He did mention my lack of quality of sleep and wants me to start taking melatonin and my flexeril, which is my muscle relaxer. It’s a vicious cycle…lack of sleep -> emotional stress (depression and anxiety) -> pain all over and back to lack of sleep because of the stress and pain. Stress and pain come from lack of sleep. See the circle? It’s mean. I don’t like it. 

On a side note, my blood results that I took a few weeks ago seem normal. She forgot to order one test, so I have to go back to do that one. Not sure which one, but I’m sure it will be normal, too. 

IMG_0023As far as my diet today, I cooked some oatmeal and added a little bit of vanilla extract, cinnamon and sugar and fresh blueberries. For lunch, I made some tuna salad with boiled eggs. I missed eating it on my bread, but oh well….time will go on. David picked up Popeye’s for dinner. I only ate one piece of chicken, without the skin, and a hand full of french fries, but boy did I want to eat that skin! That’s always the best part, but I stayed strong. I will remain strong!


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