Day 30 – I cheated

My day was so crazy yesterday that when my husband came home, he fixed me a glass of wine and ran to the store to buy me a Caramello. I wasn’t going to eat it, but caved. I was only going to eat half, but caved. Now this morning I woke up hurting. Sugar is my enemy! It did make me feel better last night, but this morning I needed to take a tramadol. Not cool, sugar…not cool!

Today was a better day! I went to work for a bit while the girls were at dancing. It was great to have some adult time. I had my Alpha class tonight, so more adult time! Woop Woop! IMG_0021This coming weekend is the Jamie Galloway conference! All should come! It will be great! Can’t wait to see what God has in store.

For breakfast today, I ate fried eggs with spinach and peaches. Lunch was black eye peas with turkey ground meat. Dinner was chicken with wild rice soup. 

Knowing how sugar is effecting me, I will be cutting back a lot. (Hopefully.) Sorry this was so short and to the point and didn’t flow well, but I’m in a hurry.


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