Day 59 -More Restrictions

Today was the day for me to see how I’ve been coming along with this diet. Although I kind of already know, since I’m still having pain. Good news…I lost 1 more pound, that’s 11 pounds total since February! Bad news…she thinks my lips are yeast related, so that means more restrictions to my diet. She wants me to completely eliminate all sugars. You might as well tell me not to breathe! I love sugar, but I will try my best to do without more and more. Just when I think I’m doing better, I leave there feeling a bit discouraged. I know I’m doing better than I was, but I thought it was better than it is. I’ll just keep trucking on. 

She also wants me to get rid of all dairy, rice and corn. Again…I will try to follow this for the most part, but I will not kill myself trying to stay on track. I will do my best. That’s all I can do. I do want to see results, and she was hoping that I would have seen more than I am, but she knows that yeast can have a huge play in it. 

I mentioned to her the prophesy that was given to me about a tick bite. (I’m so glad I have a doctor that doesn’t look at me stupid when I say that.) Well she is going to do blood work to check for lyme disease. She said that it does tend to show up years later after the initial bite and also that spiders and mosquitoes can carry lyme as well. She is also testing my antibodies. 

On top of the probiotics, she is having me take digestive enzymes and amino acids for my tummy issues. She also doesn’t want me to use petroleum based lip balms, so I purchased a roll-on of Vitamin E. I don’t mind taking this stuff, but let me tell you, prescriptions are cheaper because insurance pays for them. The digestive enzymes alone were $32! It’s expensive to try to live clean. Man, oh man…taking donations!

IMG_0293.JPGBreakfast today was yogurt, lunch was peanut butter and most definitely not enough. I was in a rush and didn’t have time to make anything else. For dinner, I broiled some fish and shrimp and ate that over a salad. Very yummy. What will tomorrow hold? Lord, lead my steps!


Day 58 -My Lips Be Chap Chap

From beautiful, lucious lips to raw, cracking, peeling and burning monsters! What the heck has happened to my lips? Is this an allergy to something, an overgrowth of yeast, my body detoxing? Whatever it is, I need answers, and I need them now! Not only do they hurt, they are quite embarrassing. I found myself covering my mouth quite often tonight, or coating them in coconut oil. Which if you have ever used coconut oil on your lips before, you know there is no pretty way to put it on. Once it’s on your finger, it then melts and becomes liquid very quickly, so then you are trying to rub it into your butchered lips before it completely drips down the rest of your face. All this happens about, oh…every 15 minutes! Trying to be discreet? Not going to happen!

I’m going to my doctor tomorrow that put me on this diet in the first place. I’m going to see if I’m doing this correctly or completely screwing this up. Either way…time to get some more answers, and hopefully relief to this pain on my face! So if you have seen me or will see me soon, please excuse the baboon butt that has ended up on my face. Did that image gross you out? Try this one. FullSizeRender

I’m trying to cut back on the sugar even more. Especially if I’m correct that this is yeast. I only had one scoop of sugar in my coffee, but I caved at lunch. I had a Reese’s peanut butter egg. Again…Darn you, Easter! 

Breakfast was yogurt, lunch was left over shrimp and zucchini scampi, and dinner was spaghetti with no noodles. I bought my kids McDonald’s after Alpha tonight and I got a small fry. Hey, at least it wasn’t a cheeseburger. 

Pray for answers tomorrow!

Days 54-57 – Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great weekend with their family and friends. I know I did. After hearing that everyone was eating crawfish for Good Friday, I told my hubs that I wanted some and he provided. They were so juicy and delicious! I just love crawfish season.

Friday was a busy day of shopping with my mom. For homegroup we just had snacks, for me that meant a bowl of fruit, because that’s all I was able to eat. Saturday, IMG_0209I ate honey nut cheerios for breakfast, GF muffins and a banana for lunch and yummy crawfish for dinner. We dyed eggs with my mom that day and it was fun. We just chilled around the house while David was out fishing. Sunday after church, we went to my parents. They fried some fish and shrimp. I didn’t think that I would be able to eat any because of the batter, so my mom made me some amazing zucchini and shrimp scampi. Turns out that they made the batter from corn meal and corn starch, so I was able to eat a few. I still didn’t go overboard though, because I’ve still been having some stomach pains. I did eat some of the kids candy, but that’s got to stop! After egg hunts at both parents, we went home to rest. I finished the night with some popcorn. 

Today, I finished off the muffins for breakfast, lunch was left over scampi IMG_0281and dessert was a whipped cream and pudding with fruit my mom made just for me. So good! I spent most of the day potty training. I’m determined to do my best this week since we are taking the week off for school. It went really well. He only had two accidents! Go Lennox!! 

My lips are still bothering me: red, burning, peeling, cracked at the corners….just plain miserable. I really think it’s yeast (aka candida.) I’m researching it, so I know that the sugar has to go. I’m trying coconut and melaleuca oil on my lips, because they are supposed to help fight the fungus. Gross to think that I have an overgrowth of fungus on my lips, but such is the life of Amy Briscoe!

Day 53 – Uh oh…Is it back?

Woke up today and went into work. Still having pains but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Feeling a little bit better than yesterday, but still not right. I’ve been dealing with this on and off for the past year or so and have been putting it off because I know that further testing will be needed, but I couldn’t put it off any longer.

I bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment for today. I love my gastroenterologist. He helped me out the last time, so I have confidence in him and my God for this time. So I was thinking that my pains were from my hiatal hernia, but I may be wrong. Where my pain is located is the same spot that had the ulcers the last time, in the terminal ileum. Looks like I may not be in remission anymore with the IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), which is also a form of Crohn’s disease. (Below is a bit of description about it.) The next step is another colonoscopy and upper GI that will be coming up in April. Until then, managing it with my diet and OTC acid reducer is all I can do. He actually said that the GF diet is great for IBD. Well, if it’s not helping with the other symptoms yet, at least I have that motivation. I do not want to go back to what I was before with my stomach. It was miserable and it wasn’t living. 

IMG_0208With all of that being said, I’m hopeful. It was hard finding things to eat today that didn’t make me feel worse, but I’ve gotta eat. Breakfast was GF toast with cinnamon and sugar, snack was a banana, lunch was an apple pecan chicken salad and dinner was chicken, rice and gravy with sweet peas. It was great! My stomach is rumbling and swollen. (I’m guessing from the inflammation in my intestines.) But on a good note…I’VE LOST 10 POUNDS! WOOP WOOP! Thanks to all who have and are continuing to encourage me along this journey. Much love to you!


Day 52 – Sick Day

Well I was hoping to wake up today feeling better from yesterday, but I was so wrong. I’ve been in pain all day and my stomach literally hurts to touch it. It feels like the hiatal hernia is flaring up. Pain has been radiating in waves in the top part of my stomach and lower part of my breast bone and it goes to my back. There are many other unpleasant symptoms that I will spare you from hearing. Just an overall sucky day.

I managed to eat a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast, a banana for lunch and some GF toast with cinnamon and sugar for dinner. Praying for relief for tomorrow. At least my Lucy is feeling better. 

Short post.

Day 51 -Food Truck Frenzy

Today we had a couple of food trucks park at my job for lunch. It was a beautiful day. A bit windy, but still beautiful. I had lunch with one of my friends outside. I ate BBQ brisket nachos and they were very good. Something in it must have upset my stomach, becauseIMG_0206 I was sick the rest of the day. Not throwing up, just felt nauseous and had pain in my belly. Just looking at the picture is making me nauseous. Bleh….I hate this feeling.

I went to Alpha and they had tacos. I wasn’t going to eat any, but it smelled so good. I ate one and was fine. My friend brought some ice cream for me since her dessert wasn’t GF. I still felt fine, until I got home. Stomach was in pain. Felt like a lump in my gut. Going to bed to hopefully to wake up feeling better. 

My oldest daughter started running a fever last night. She’s been having the sinus crud. So now I’m taking care of my sick girl. Oh the life of a mom…

Days 47-50 -Playing Catch Up

I was super busy this weekend and today so this is all wrapped up in one! Friday was home group and we had a snack night. On Saturday, I got up and made eggs and cheese. Had an IMG_0167.JPGamazing salad from Wendy’s and that night we had a game night at a friend’s house. He made breakfast for dinner, always my favorite! Homemade IMG_0175hashbrowns, eggs, corn grits, bacon…yum yum yum! I was stuffed! So blessed to have them! Sunday breakfast was a banana, lunch was Japanese from the mall and an apple for dinner. 

So that wraps up the menu for the weekend. We had a busy day Saturday. We tore bushes out of the ground and spent the rest of the day doing landscape, low maintenance landscape! I’ve seriously planted fake flowers before because I really don’t like to garden. Sunday was spent at church, then a much needed IMG_0196nap. We just chilled and had a family night. I was definitely sore from the day before. 

Today, I started the day with yogurt. I had black bean and chicken chili for lunch, popcorn for a snack and made a very colorful salad topped with broiled shrimp! Yummy! I did finish off a bag of Cadbury Mini Robin Eggs over the weekend. Darn Easter!