Day 25 -Italiano!

Today was filled with such great food and sickness unfortunately, but nonetheless, great food! My lil dude had some loose stools and threw up once. He was a bit queasy before lunch, so I pumped him with ginger ale and rubbed peppermint and lavender oil on his tummy with a warm compress. He was fine once he woke up from nap.

My oldest cooked GF pancakes for breakfast again and they were delicious. She put blueberries in mine.I had mine with a side of peaches. Lunch was left over eggplant parmesan. My snack was white cheddar Skinny Popcorn. For dinner, I was still craving pizza from last night, so I made my own….cauliflower crust! It was good! Even my husband ate it. The texture is different than what I’m used to but it was still good. Next time, I plan on making it thinner so it’s crispier in the middle like the edges were. The edges were the best!

Ending the night with my kiddos and hubs. Enjoying a movie and drinking some wine. Just straight-up chillin’. I folded my laundry, now it’s their job to put it away! That’s how I do things around here. hehehe

Print Recipe

Cauliflower Pizza Crust


Course: Main Course

Prep Time: 15 min

Cook Time: 30 min

Total Time: 1 hr



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