Day 24 – Feeling Greeky

For those of you that don’t know, I work part-time from home, but go in at least once a week. Today was the day that I was to go in. I can’t lie, it’s a nice break from the kids and homeschooling. Enjoyed adult conversation!

IMG_8930Breakfast was quick because I was running out of the door, so I picked up a yogurt. I am posting of a pic of this thing because it was beyond good! Probably shouldn’t have it much though because of the sugar, but for today…it was fabulous! I went on a lunch date with a friend from work. We went to Athena’s and I had a gyro salad. Super yummy, just wish I would have gotten the hummus, it would have completed the meal. It was good conversation with her though.

So I’m sitting here, haven’t eaten dinner yet and I am contemplating if I should. I weighed myself today and I haven’t lost anymore weight from the initial loss. I lost those 7 pounds but that’s it. I couldn’t have plateaued already, right? It is discouraging. I was hoping for more progress. Looks like I will have to cut out sugar even more. If I do decide to eat something, it will probably be a peach. But man, oh man, my mother-in-law brought her homemade pizza for dinner and it smells and looks great! Too bad it was cooked with all-purpose flour so I can’t have it. I did eat one pepperoni to get the taste out of my head. Just wish I could dive in and eat! I will stay strong. I will stay strong. Chugging the water to fill the void. Just got done worshiping, so Jesus will fill my spiritual void. 

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