Day 17 – Taste the Rainbow

Jury duty. Two words that mean the utmost boredom one could have in one looooonnnngggg day! 8:30am-4:45pm and they still have not picked a jury. 30 were called, 6 need to be chosen, certainly you can let the rest of us go, but nooooo we have to call back in the morning to see if we have to spend another day of reading, hard chairs, and the most accommodating vending machine. A vending machine that has so many choices for gluten-free. (Can you hear the sarcasm?) I would have eaten nuts but I haven’t added those back to my diet yet, so I had to reduce myself to a bag of Skittles. And yes, I ate the whole bag, because…well, didn’t I mention it was a long day? I did bring grapes this morning but those were long gone. Skittles it is then!

With that being said, I had grapes and raspberries for breakfast. I tried the gluten-free cereal (aka Frankenfood) and I didn’t like it. Had two bites before I threw it out. I had a lovely lunch date with my husband at Taco Sisters. I had a shrimp taco with a gluten-free tortilla and lots of yummy veggies and black beans! Yum! Then came the Skittles. For dinner, I cooked chicken, broccoli and mushroom stir fry and I have to say that all of my kids loved it! That says a lot! So that means that I have introduced soy tonight. 

For some reason, my picture won’t upload, so you will have to see it in the recipe below. I completely forgot to take a pic of the taco. Oh and if you have ever had one of their tacos, then you understand when I say that you shouldn’t bring a first date there. Really good food, but incredibly messy! Most of it ended up in my foil wrap. Regardless, it was delicious! 

‘Til tomorrow…

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Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry


Course: Main Course



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