Day 16 – Encouragement

Since yesterday’s post about my discouragement in not seeing the physical results I hoped for, I have received several encouraging words informing me that it could take two weeks or more for that junk “Frankenfood” to get out of my system, possibly even 12 weeks! Like I said before, I plan on staying on this diet to the best of my ability, but I am more encouraged to continue this journey. 

I have added back eggs after two weeks, and after trying it three times, this morning it upset my stomach. TMI moment (this is the point of this blog…to track my problems): it made my stomach cramp up. I’ll let you use your imagination from there. Who knew that my filter actually works sometimes! This is proof people and it is now documented! BAM! I’m not sure if it’s the eggs since I didn’t have that reaction the first two times. It may have been the way it was cooked. I’ve heard that some people can’t tolerate certain egg preparations such as, scrambled, fried, poched, etc. Today they were scrambled. The other two times were deviled eggs and fried. Just making note. I will take a break for a few days then try it again.

Today: breakfast was zucchini and eggs (note to self, don’t use vanilla coconut milk to scramble the eggs…oops. Yuck!), banana for snack, lunch was blueberry and chicken salad, and dinner was a taco salad. I did have one piece of chocolate. Someone please come take these away from me! Can’t believe I’m admitting that I ate it. I almost didn’t, but I have this thing about being honest…so there you go! Judge away! LOL I didn’t eat the soup or bread served tonight at church, so that’s an accomplishment! Hey…I take pride in the simple things. 

Print Recipe

Zucchini and Eggs


Course: Breakfast

Prep Time: 5 min

Cook Time: 5 min

Total Time: 10 min



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