Day 15 – Waiting for Results

A little discouraged today. Not sure if I’m supposed to be feeling better yet or if it will take a bit longer. I was so achy today. Soaking in two pounds of epsom salt doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Yes, I said 2lbs! That’s what the doctor suggested. And that’s where Tiger Balm comes in handy! That stuff is awesome and smells amazing! 

I called the doctor today and spoke to the nurse. I was concerned that when I add stuff back in, how will I notice a difference if I haven’t felt a difference in the first place? She is suggesting that I may notice the fibro fog (which is where I lose my train of thought a lot and just feel like I’m in a fog. Can’t think straight. Or other stuff of the like.) So I’ve added eggs already, and a little bit of corn in my mom’s soup, but that’s it. Next will probably be soy, because that’s what’s on the menu soon. IMG_8896

Speaking of menu….
breakfast was gluten-free pancakes that my beautiful 10-year old daughter made for us this morning. I topped that with maple syrup. Lunch was my mom’s soup and for dinner was left over BBQ chicken. I was very tempted to have one of my chocolates today, but I’m determined not to eat that every day like before, even if it’s just a little bit. That’s where the slippery slope begins for me. 

So I will stay strong. I will persevere. I will make this my new lifestyle! 


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