Day 12 -Elimination Diet

I’m starting to see an end to the elimination diet. Tonight I added eggs back. Deviled eggs at that! And they were delish! I have to not add anything else until 3 days have passed12741974_10153628876508423_5977047986985644714_n

We attended my Pastor’s 50th birthday party. It had a Goodwill dress code. We had to pick out our spouse’s outfits. David, unfortunately, couldn’t fit his yellow Tommy Hilfiger pants with pleats. They completed the outfit. And unfortunately, David didn’t get the idea, and he actually got me a cute dress. Oh well….it was still a blast to see everyone else’s dress ensembles.

Menu for today: berry crisp for breakfast, banana for lunch (I know…not good, but I was on the run.) For dinner, I ate at the party which had lots of goodies, but I controlled myself. I had veggies with hummus, fruit, two deviled eggs and meatballs. I had half of a chocolate chip cookie! Half, y’all! That’s success!

My mother and I took my kiddos to the park and Borden’s Ice Cream. I did not have any ice cream! Again…success! They had a blast and I spilled iced coffee all over myself, the counter and down to the floor. Yeah…I’m just that coordinated! 

No pics of food today, but here are pics of my day! Enjoy!



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