Day 10 – Elimination Diet

Today makes 10 days that I’ve been on my diet. That’s 10 days without chocolate…until today! I ate two small pieces of chocolate today and they were sooooo good! I think eating a little bit of chocolate once a week is better than a lot of chocolate everyday. (Which it never was a lot…I just have a very good imagination.) IMG_8872

Still doing good with the diet though. Very proud of myself. I made more berry crisp for breakfast. I used blueberries, raspberries and black berries. Is your mouth drooling yet? I had left over ground beef with broccoli and mushrooms for lunch, a banana for snack and of course the chocolate I spoke about.  (I’m still imaging the amazing taste.) For dinner, my awesome hubs made me an amazing salad with left over BBQ chicken. He’s so great and supportive. Yes he bugs the poop out of me sometime, but he’s a keeper.

My stomach has been great all week! This is progress. I’ll keep you updated! Thanks for reading and for your support. It really helps!


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