Day 9 – Elimination Diet

Well Mardi Gras is over and I managed to lose weight instead of gain! And I still enjoyed my king cake! I’m amazed how simple this diet has been so far. Yes, it takes some planning and preparation, but I feel better about myself with eating healthy. 

I haven’t had to use my oils for my neck and shoulders in a while. I’m still achy but it’s more tolerable. Hopefully this is just the beginning! Can’t wait to start adding food back next week. I’m praying that I can tolerate eggs. I love eggs! Anyone remember the song, “I love eggs, from my head down to my legs. The incredible edible egg!” You’re welcome to get that stuck in your head. It was all part of my evil plan! MWWWUUUAAAHHHHHAAAHHHHAAAA………

Yesterday, I had an apple for breakfast. I went shopping and got my ingredients for this weeks meals. I ate BBQ chicken in a lettuce wrap for lunch. I cooked ground beef and broccoli and ate that as a snack! (See recipe below.) Super yummy! Then I went to a friends and had left over steak that was made into fajitas. I ate mine without the wrap. Still just as good, but I do want my sour cream and cheese back. All in good time….all in good time.


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