Day 8 – Elimination Diet

Today was a very lazy day for us. We took it easy. So this will be short. 

Breakfast – Banana and coffee. Lunch – roasted sweet potatoes. Dinner – leftover steak with crawfish etouffee. Stomach was still a bit off today. As far as the aches, I haven’t noticed any significant changes yet. 

Went to get my ankle checked out. Seems like I’ve damaged a nerve. It’s called parasthesia. So I’ll be in a walking boot for about a week until my ankle strengthens up. Best part…I lost 7 pounds! Woop woop!

Oh and so sweet…my adorable 7-year old daughter thought she would fix me breakfast this morning. She didn’t remember that I can’t have eggs for now. So I just ate the berries. She’s so thoughtful. 



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