Day 3 – Elimination Diet

I’m down another day and I’m down another pound! 4 pounds total! This is not the reason I’m doing this diet, but it’s a perk! Today was the first day that I really wanted to tear open a bag of chips, but I held strong. I snacked on roasted sweet potatoes and the craving went away. I haven’t had chocolate in days! That’s right, I said DAYS people! That alone is an accomplishment!

Today I tried two new recipes and I have to say…delish! Breakfast was the blueberry and strawberry crisp that was absolutely amazing! Must make again! Lunch I had left over chili and a banana for snack. For dinner, I made apple cinnamon pork chops. Sounds weird, I know, but they were actually good! I didn’t have all of the ingredients, so I had to compromise. Getting crafty, yes I am.

No changes as far as I can tell, YET! I do believe they are coming. I got bloodwork done today, so I’m curious for the results. Either way, I’m encouraged. My brain is fried tonight, so ’til tomorrow!

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Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops


Course: Main Course


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Elimination Diet

  1. Ok, I’m loving your blog posts. Mostly b/c of all these great recipe ideas. I’m on a self-imposed elimination diet that’s pretty similar to yours, and the hardest part for me is finding time to search for new recipes.
    I may have to try out the meal planning service you are using to keep me on track.
    Kudos on the weight loss, btw. That is a great perk for sure!


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